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How We Became The Best Burger in Town

Forty years ago a small burger joint opened on the square in downtown Denton America. The little place probably couldn't seat more than 30 people, so within the year we had moved to a bigger building on the square where we could seat 100 people. The legend had started.

Everyday the line would stretch out the door. We would literally serve hundreds of people a day and would close at 3:00 plumb tuckered out. It was not unusual for us to sell out of hamburger meat. Our menu was as simple then is it is now...100% fresh ground beef, hand cut skin on French fried potatoes and our famous pinto beans put on to boil at daybreak everyday. We have been loyal to that handmade homemade menu for 40 years.

We have won our share of awards and trophies, including a record setting 18 years in a row of "Best Hamburger and Fries in Denton " as voted by Denton residents in the "Best Of" contest conducted annually by the Denton Record-Chronicle. 

Over the years, we have raised many a family of  burger eaters. Some, who started when they were young, now bring their children and even grand children in to taste our legendary burgers.  Over the course of time, we have added a few items to our menu, such as scrumptious chicken fried steak, delicious charbroiled chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and of course, our garden fresh salads and homemade dressings.

The last 40 years have seen many celebrities sample our offerings...movie stars, professional athletes and famous politicians...but, our heart and soul have been the good people of Denton.  We opened our second location 30 years ago at 715 Sunset Drive in Denton, where we added a convenient drive-thru  window with plenty of parking to accommodate our patrons.

This iconic Denton burger story was the vision come reality of long time Denton resident Kim Kitchens. In 2018, Kim turned over the reins to Mike Barnett, another home grown Denton name, who is steadfast to keep the tradition going of serving up the best handmade charbroiled hamburgers, hand cut skin on French fries, and homestyle cooked pintos served in a clean courteous atmosphere.